Pick A card| What Are You Avoiding?

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3 min readDec 5, 2023

Hello everyone!

This reading will be very beneficial for those who have been avoiding certain things in their life and want to be able to begin the healing process in their journey.

Take your time with each crystal feel your intuition and go with what your gut. Once chosen go to the appropriate number.

Purple Crystal

You’r avoiding your finances at this time. You may be feeling unstable with your money. Or experiencing a loss of a job possibly. There seems to also be delays in regarding to moving on and finding new work. The knight of swords in reverse indicates a sort of hesistancing to move forward with the three of wands seeking forward action movement and travel.

However, if you were to move on, there will be a massive opportunity on the horizon. Something that you have been waiting on for a very long time.

This opportunity will give you the ability to learn new skills along with making more money than you did before at your last job.

Are you willing to let go and see what is on the other side?

Green Crystal

There is a partnership you have been avoiding for some time now. It can be that this partnership is from the past and you needing to come together to reconcile. You feel powerless over the situation and feel like giving up as a whole.

The queen of wands in reverse is someone who is not in their personal power or lacking confidence to be able to move forward, someone that is ignoring their intuition about what they should to about the situation at hand.

The ten of wands in reverse is about loosing everything you have worked hard for. Feeling like you want to give up and drop what it is you are holding on too. You are tired and you don’t feel like going through the same cycle again.



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