Pick A Card| Mars in Scorpio Cazimi What Is In Store For You

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5 min readNov 27, 2023

Mars in Scorpio cazimi refers to an astrological event where Mars, the planet associated with energy, action, and desire, is in the sign of Scorpio and is in a cazimi aspect, meaning it is in close conjunction with the Sun.

Mars is considered particularly powerful in Scorpio, a sign it traditionally rules, enhancing traits like determination, intensity, and focus.

The cazimi aspect, where Mars is in the heart of the Sun, is thought to amplify and purify Mars’ energies. This configuration is often associated with a surge in power, charisma, and the ability to penetrate deeply into matters with great insight.

It’s a period that could be harnessed for intense and transformative activities, but it also demands careful handling of its potent energies to avoid destructive or obsessive tendencies.

With that being said, let’s see what the cards have to say for you and how it will affect you. Remember this cazimi will last for two years and so many things can happen. This reading will be timeless on when ever you see this one.

Let’s begin….

Focus on these three images and go to the one you feel most aligned.

Purple Crystal #1

By Stephie & The Willow’s

You’re going to be using this time to go within and try to restructure you’re environment. Hermit speaks of retreating and secluding ones self away from others. Needing to have self care and reserving your personal power.

There are decisions you are or will be making but at this time, it’s not a good time to do so because there are several factors that are at play and you do not have enough information to make those choices.

The tower will be coming in and changing things around for you. The tower signifies change and endings to things that are no longer serving you. There are times where we might not see these times of change…



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