Blog Diaries|The flow of the Universe Has Always Been On Our Side

Stephie & The Willows
2 min readDec 11, 2023

These past two months have been challenging but rewarding at the same time. From the last blog diaries, I spoke about the fall of my team in my business, loosing clients, and not working on my passions.

I was given a decision, either go back to the same cycle and worry about what will happen next or go with the flow of the universe and allow the creator take the lead this time and allow things to fall into place as they should.

I accepted that life is all about cycles, the ups and the downs are all experiences. To understand that we don’t have full control over anything, life is constantly changing and surprising us with different things all the time.

I allow myself to give full permission to follow my mission, my passions, what im put here to do and that is to create.

Create a reality that I want to see, what my own soul desires. To let go of self doubt and move forward with confidence with out fear of failure.

This coming year will be good if we allow it. So now that I’ve said that, my life currently is going exactly the way I’ve expected it to go with out having to put fear or self doubt.

I told you all I wanted to be here more more often and here I am. I am proud of my progress and here to announce I…



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